The ongoing profitability of Victorian dairy farms operating in a prosperous and sustainable industry is at the core of the organisation’s stated objectives.

Victoria is the largest dairy state by far in Australia.

Dairy Farmers Association of Victoria Inc was registered as an incorporated association with Consumer Affairs Victoria on 6 July 2023.

We have around 3000 dairy farms and make up sixty percent of the Australian industry. It is important that we have a dedicated team working on behalf of dairy farmers. Over two thirds of the issues and concerns raised by Dairy Farmers are primarily related to the dairying sector.


The purposes of Dairy Farmers Victoria

To promote, foster and encourage the development of the profession of dairy farming and all matters relating to dairy farming.

To secure for dairy farmers the full result of their labour, industry and investment.

To advance the interests of the Association in all matters including political, economic and legal, by all lawful means.

To associate, affiliate and co-operate with other associations or organisations having similar objects.

Our short term focus needs to be on the establishment of our organisation with proper governance and protocols.

We will do this with respect for members at the core of the organisation. We will draw on the Australian Institute of Company Directors and other thought leaders to support the structure, policies and procedures of Dairy Farmers Victoria. As the Voice of Victorian dairy farmers, sound governance practices, open and active communications channels and respect will remain as core atributes of the organisation. Members will have the right and will be encouraged to express opinions at all times. Advice will be sought both directly from members and through regions to ensure that representation is informed on industry issues and regional variations.

The elected commitee of Dairy Farmers Victoria will guide the organisation. The first Annual General Meeting of the organisation will be held in the second half of 2024, as is required by the laws under which the Association is established.

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Regional structure will be established by the Commitee to enable sound engagement at a regional and district level.

 These structures may draw on the learnings of the current VFF branch model by will not be necessarily constrained by them. It is recognised that communication channels and networks have evolved exponentially in recent decades and that our engagement and communication systems need to be relevant for the environment that we now live and farm in. The key driver of regional structures will be to ensure that representation is informed on industry issues and regional variations.

At as regional level it is expected that Dairy Farmers Victoria will have robust engagement with the relevant Dairy Australia sponsored Regional Development Programs.


Working together to support Victorian Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers Victoria will seek to associate, affiliate and co-operate with other associations or organisations having similar objectives. With this in mind we will seek to sit down with Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) to determine how we work together for the beterment of Victoria dairy farmers and the national dairy industry.

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The DAIRY FARMERS ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA INCORPORATED was registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria as an Incorporated Association on 6 July 2023.

You can read the Dairy Farmers Victoria constitution here

Importantly, we will seek to continue to work closely with the Victorian Farmers Federation across a wide range of whole of agriculture maters. Having a strong relationship with the Victorian State Farming Organisation remains very important.

A streamlined advocacy structure will enable Dairy Farmers Victoria to have control of finances and staffing enabling a more specific and timely response to issues. Importantly it will also allow us to enter into contracts and deliver projects to support Victorian Dairy Farmers.

We are currently working to ensure all of the business structures are in place. We are developing a website and communications strategy and we are now fully open for business. The support and encouragement we have received from dairy farmers across Victoria and from many industry stakeholders has been both encouraging and empowering.

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