Principles to underpin a representative body for Victorian dairy farmers

The primary aim of Dairy Farmers Victoria is to advance the interests of Victorian dairy farmers. The body that represents Victorian dairy farmers should be member-based. It should be owned and controlled by dairy farmer members.

Dairy Farmers Victoria will maintain a strong working relationship with relevant Local, State and Federal Government departments and Ministers. It will strive to maintain strong, collaborative partnerships and work together wherever possible to minimize duplication and inefficiencies.

Farmers should be the core focus, but farm workers, herd managers, industry suppliers and the like will be embraced as contributors.  Dairy Farmers Victoria will have streamlined, timely development of policy,

The dairy body that represents Victorian dairy farmers should have a strong focus on local engagement, with increased ease of access, input and feedback and heightened visibility and accountability to members,

Governance, representation and engagement

The Dairy Farmers Victoria President should be a dairy farmer and elected by Victorian dairy members. Any spokesperson endorsed by the Peak Committee will have the right to speak on issues that directly affect dairy within the state of Victoria.

The Australian dairy industry must have an industry strategy with a clear vision, direction, priorities and roles for organizations and individuals. The strategy must be interconnected from the local to state to national levels, with actions and progress measured and held to account.

All dairy industry organizations must have a robust governance framework at all levels that is best practice.

Dairy Farmers Victoria will control the funds paid or collected on behalf of Victorian dairy farmers.

Decisions of the dairy body that represents Victorian dairy farmers will not be vetted or approved by any other body

Processors should contribute directly to the funding of RD&E for relevant work completed on markets, trade and value chain and other related policy areas benefiting the entire supply chain

The dairy industry should make all attempts to maintain the current public co-funding of national RD&E priorities where there are benefits that accrue beyond industry-specific ones

The Dairy Farmers Victoria committee must be able to set its timetable for meetings to allow thorough understanding, debate, and decision-making regarding all pertinent issues and policies

Any dairy representative appointed to a governing body, committee, or advisory group should be endorsed by the Committee

Dairy Farmers Victoria will maintain a relationship with cross-commodity organizations